Update your pc gaming computer mouse with these premium quality PTFE mouse feet/skates. These computer mouse skates work with Logitech G Pro X Superlight and are simple to install. Simply eliminate the supply mouse feet and change them with these. This will offer better sliding, allowing for a lot more accurate movement and precision throughout gameplay.

Unlike the factory computer mouse feet, these are constructed from premium quality PTFE, giving your computer mouse a smooth move over any type of surface area. They are likewise made with a level surface area and rounded sides to prevent them from the ground up your computer mouse pad. This helps in reducing friction and provides you higher control over your cursor movement.

The superlight skates are extremely durable and do not use quick like standard PTFE computer mouse feet, making them excellent for use in the long term. They additionally supply a far better grip on the computer mouse floor covering, which boosts your accuracy and rate. gpx mouse feet

GHOSTGLIDES is an interest task by a number of esports industry specialists that have actually invested the last 7+ years working along with the best expert teams in CS: GO, DOTA, Valorant, Peak Legends and Organization of Legends in sectors, training centers and workplaces throughout the world. They discovered that most computer mouse pads had too much rubbing, which led to undependable activity and inconsistent monitoring.

In order to lower the chances of your mouse catching and dragging across the surface area during those clutch minutes, the feet are made with a thickness of 0.80 mm. This density allows your mouse to glide efficiently on virtually any functioning surface area without the requirement to rely upon a computer mouse pad. Furthermore, the sides of the feet are additional machined to remove any kind of sharp corners that can catch on harsh surface areas and stop your mouse from slipping or skidding.

The default PTFE computer mouse skates have a density of regarding 0.7 mm – 0.9 mm which just delivers smooth move under ideal conditions (no dirt, flawlessly used within the channel). GHOSTGLIDES are a lot more rounded than even the best PTFE skates and cause a constant glide each time. Additionally, the rounded side removes any kind of scrapes and wear on the bottom of your mouse, extending its life. The lubricating layer in addition to the PTFE makes sure a comfy and simple move with any kind of mousepad product.

Round Edge
The sides of the mouse skates are perfectly brightened and perfectly round, leading to super-smooth sliding. This aids your mouse attain a maximum of control over the functioning surface and makes it a lot easier to get to high arrow accuracy. All sides are also machined to get rid of sharp corners, which considerably minimizes the amount of time it takes to barge in your new glides.

The feet are covered with a special compound that avoids the friction between your mouse and its job surface area, causing enhanced sturdiness and longer lifespan. The rubber feet are additionally made to flex slightly, which permits them to regain their original placement when stress is used.

These ultra-strong, smooth computer mouse skates for the Logitech G Pro X Superlight 2 are very easy to set up and provide you an immediate boost in movement speed and accuracy. They are compatible with all sorts of computer mouse pads, with the exception of glass ones. Two collections consisted of. Among them features alcohol-containing wipes to help get rid of the adhesive from the mouse pads.

Made from ultra-strong perfect glass, the mouse skates reduce friction and supply a smoother activity. This enables specific and constant control for your pc gaming experience. The round edge layout ensures a perfect change from computer mouse pad to the glides and stays clear of damaging the computer mouse mat. The material is likewise durable and will certainly not break quickly like standard PTFE feet.

GHOSTGLIDES were developed in 2020 by a couple of esports industry specialists working carefully with specialist players in CS: GO, DOTA, Valorant and Peak Legends in their training facilities and arenas worldwide. They found that the existing mouse glides on the marketplace have over-exaggerated contours, leading to broadband and unequal wear. The GHOSTGLIDES are for that reason developed with pure polished PTFE and one-piece molding handling, and have a flat surface that offers specific fit without creating added drag out the computer mouse. The edges are more machined to remove sharp edges and decrease the lapping time at the start of use.

Esptiger esports tiger ICE V2 – G Pro X Superlight (gpx)

Esports Tiger ICE V2 mouse skates, available on Amazon for $18.90, feature a new upgraded package with the highly praised ICE skates. These skates offer eSports Tiger’s fastest glide, perfect for competitive gaming. Enjoy free shipping and returns on Amazon, ensuring a convenient and risk-free purchase. Experience superior performance and smoothness with these high-quality mouse feet.

Esptiger esports tiger ICE V2 - G Pro X Superlight (gpx)

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